Philosophy Statement

Joey’s philosophy is a living document that is forever evolving as contemporary understanding of practice changes and as the Joey’s community grows and develops. The philosophy is reflective of the values, beliefs, aspirations and commitments of those who have worked in collaboration to develop this statement.

Commitment to Children

We are committed to the beliefs that:

  • Children are competent learners within their play who have the ability to build positive relationships within their immediate and broader community.
  • Children are natural learners who use play, imagination and exploration within their environment as toolsto foster and scaffold their learning and development.
  • Meaningful, trusting and responsive relationships contribute to children’s sense of identity, wellbeing and belonging.
  • Children demonstrate a diverse range of learning styles while being active participants within their own learning.

Commitment to Families and Partnerships

We are committed to the beliefs that:

  • Educators share common goals with parents and become co-creators in partnership with children as they construct their knowledge and skills
  • We respect and recognise parents knowledge of their children and use that knowledge to foster positive relationships with families and their children
  • We welcome and encourage collaboration in all areas of centre and within their child’s learning, and respect the rights of parents to participate at their desired level.
  • We respect the rights of families to privacy and confidentiality at all times.

Commitment to the Team

We are committed to the beliefs that:

  • The power of partnership, working collaboratively and supportively within the team is paramount to the delivery of a quality early childhood programme.
  • Team members’ skills, ability and knowledge base are to be respected and valued within a learning environment that promotes open transparent communication.
  • Team members will strive towards continuous improvement through professional standards and practices, commonly shared goals and ethics.
  • Through working together as a team supporting each other to perform a variety of roles on a daily basis we will build an atmosphere of trust and respect and acknowledging diverse points of view through the use of constructive methods of conflict resolution and the maintaining of confidentiality

Commitment to the Curriculum

We are committed to the beliefs that:

  • Teamwork and partnerships ensures the provision of the highest quality education and care with commitment to continuous improvement in line with the National Quality Framework
  • Curriculum is a living entity that is guided and supported by the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) a research based learning framework inclusive of spontaneity, reflective practice, flexibility and adaptability.
  • The curriculum requires an open ended and holistic approach where educators guide and encourage the children’s decision making , interests and their contributions to the curriculum.

Through a quality early childhood curriculum children are provided with opportunities to shape their identities, acquire life skills that will support their risk taking and create a sense of belonging, being and becoming

Commitment to the Environment and Community

We are committed to the beliefs that:

  • The natural environment is an inspiring teacher and promotes children’s curiosity to learn
  • The environment at Joey’s Pouch is welcoming and reflects the diversity of cultures of the team, families
    and broader community in which we live and it promotes awareness, understanding and interest of those
    around us.
  • Sustainability is a way of life that encompasses caring for the natural environment, children, families, team members and the broader community.
  • We will maintain links within the community to access resources, which support the development of our curriculum and the relationships with families, children and team members
  • Educators will work collaboratively with schools in our community to assist the successful school transition for children and families from Joey’s early childhood environment